Arthur is an Armenian-American artist working and living in Los Angeles.


Most of the work in my gobelin collection is inspired by my homeland, the Republic of Armenia, where I have lived and created since the 90s. When I moved to the States in 2000 I felt it was more important to me to continue creating work that reflected the beauty of the country through the depiction of the iconic landscapes, religious figures as well as unfortunate events that have shaped my life like the 1988 earthquake. I create the work on a canvas with a needle similar to a tambour hook, by choosing the right hues of thread and punching the canvas with a technique that leaves some thread behind on the other side. The thread is then trimmed and glued on the side I work and the reverse side is the final product that you see here.


Most of the sculptures you see here are commissioned work from individuals looking to freeze time and have artwork created from their own figure. My process involves posing the talent, creating a mold from their body and then using hydro-stone to create the sculpture itself. Then I add any details that are needed by hand and give it the final finish.


You can inquire about commissioned work at the email address bellow.


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